Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sachin The Centurion

What makes Sachin the "Boy wonder".He plays different characters while he bats he plays ruthless like Lara for example the ODI double hundred vs SA in Gwalior, Feb 2010, the swagger of Viv Richards 98 vs Pakistan,the technique and grit of Sunil Gavaskar 136, Chennai Test vs. Pak, 1999, the doggedness and control of Steve Waugh like the one u find in 241*, Sydney, vs Aus and the poetry of Mark Waugh several knocks in Sharjah.
His art of surviving uneasy moments at the crease is simply legendary.He takes signals from his brain and body, and translates them into processes which in turn are converted into runs.He is cross-dominant: He bats, bowls and throws with his right hand, but writes with his left hand.He is the most wholesome batsman.Sunil Gavaskar, in an article he remarked that "it is hard to imagine any player in the history of the game who combines classical technique with raw aggression like the little champion does".
Bradman asked his wife to have a look at Tendulkar, having felt that Tendulkar played like him. Bradman's wife, Jessie, agreed that they did appear similar.
A cricket star took India by storm when he joined Twitter and began racking up followers at the rate of almost 4,500 an hour. Within the first 24 hours, Sachin Tendulkar’s following reached almost 80,000, sparking a media frenzy and countless tweets about the so-called god of cricket joining the social networking site.Sachin has showed many facets of his craft. He could be a big brand and endorsing many products. But at heart, he remains an ambassador of batsmanship.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Super Gun is been in developing stage by U.S. based Scientists which is capable of firing at a distance of 160 km distance at a speed of 8 MACH ( which is 8 time the speed of sound)approx. comes around 1195 * 8 = 9560 km/hr.It takes 2 or 3 minutes to reach 160 km that is the target.Presently there is a Gun which can attack a target of 20km distance used by U.S. warships.Instead of using gun powder it uses electric energy to get the force.It produces 33 mega joules of force out of the barrel

A single mega joule is roughly equivalent to a one-tonne car traveling at 160kmph. The impact of the projectile hitting a target would be 33 times that force.But it will be at least another five years — possibly ten — before the weapon is ready to be used on ships, scientists said.
They hoped that by 2025, the technology will almost double the power of the gun.
So the gaming facts become science facts.

Monday, October 11, 2010


A Puzzlemaster's Challenge

This latest collection of puzzles from the internationally acclaimed puzzlemaster covers a wide variety of puzzles from physical to visual, conceptual to mathematical.
Solutions are provided in a separate section, which will help novices get on the right track, and will give seasoned aficionados a chance to check their work.

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Great Critical Thinking Puzzles

Eighty puzzles. The answers are easy! But getting there is the hard part. Uncover connections and identify hidden relationships until suddenly the answers are appearing as if by magic. Solve situations on the moon, around an insect-eating plant and gold-record racing through space in the Voyager spacecraft.

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More IQ Testing

Each timed test is approximately the same degree of difficulty and consists of a mixture of numerical, diagrammatic and logical reasoning questions. Answers are provided with detailed explanations where necessary, together with a guide to assessing performance on each test individually, and cumulatively on all ten tests.

Whether you use this book for fun or as valuable practice for improving your performance on an IQ test in the future, the ten complete tests of 40 questions each are sure to challenge and expand your mind.

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World's Hardest Puzzles

Great cartoons and illustrations will help and entertain, while your brain gets to work on these topnotch, tricky challenges.
More than 90 of the world's hardest puzzles
start with super-hard puzzles and move up to out-of-this-world hard. You'll love each one!!

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The Great Book Of Puzzles & Teasers

This book consists of 75 utterly original and totally tantalizing brain teasers from master puzzler George J. Summers. He brings out fascinating challenges in situations as common as a game of tic-tac-toe or tennis, or as strange as a land of habitual Truthtellers and Liars. These puzzles and teasers are constructed with clues, helpful solution and detailed answers that show you step-by-step how a teaser or a puzzle is unravelled.

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Brain Training Puzzles

This book contains a large range of games designed to get your brain and mind working hard ! Including Sudoku, Sudoku X, extra region Sudoku, Smileydoku, Kakuro, number tower, crosswords, wordsearch, ABC logic puzzles, letter fit, word ladder, word pyramid and wordwheel, a great 100 puzzle collection !

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Reasoning Skills Success

Many standardized tests and career paths require the ability to reason thoroughly and efficiently. Reasoning Skills Success in 20 Minutes a Dayprovides tested techniques for developing this highly regarded ability. Written for an audience that encompasses students up through full-time employees, this book features:

• tutorials in many different areas, including problem solving, logic skills, thinking versus knowing, inductive reasoning, and more
• a pre-test to diagnose strengths and weaknesses and a post-test to measure progress
• valuable real-life skills such as understanding and using statistics, assessing the validity of evidence, recognizing logical fallacies, and more

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Shakuntala Devi - Puzzles to Puzzle You

This is a book of puzzles, and the puzzles in this book are intresting and will involve the reader while solving them.
the puzzles are short in length but will force you to exercise your brain,and use your logical skills.
the puzzles are of a wide range from the modern ones to those from an ancient text.
there are 150 puzzles in this book, and they vary from simple ones to the more difficult ones.
they are intresting even for those who are not skilled in maths.
alltogether,a good book with which one can pass some time,
trying these puzzles.

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Critical Thinking Skills

'More analysis needed' is a comment lecturers repeatedly have to write on their students' work. Proceeding beyond this level of feedback is difficult when many students don't understand what analysis is or how to integrate criticism into their work. With this in mind, "Critical Thinking Skills" has taken the seemingly baffling art of analysis and broken it down into easy to understand blocks, with clear explanations, good examples, and plenty of activities to develop understanding at each stage. It even applies the techniques to reading, note making and writing. Recommending "Critical Thinking Skills" will help your students develop this important set of skills and improve their grades.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Zend Studio

ZEND STUDIO integrated development environment (IDE) for PHP developed by Zend Technologies, based on the PHP Development Tools.
This Zend studio is not an open source it comes with an commecial license which u need to buy.But this zend studio provides the best IDE for working in linux environment.

This will be the best substitute for ADOBE DREAMWEAVER in windows.Zend Studio is tightly integrated with Zend Server, Zend's pre-integrated, tested PHP application stack. The integration enables developers to quickly set up a complete PHP environment and speed up root cause analysis of problems detected in testing or in the production environment.

Zend Studio is also integrated with Zend Framework. For example, it provides an MVC view for easy code navigation and integration with Zend_Tool for automated code generation
There are also other IDE which provides very good environment for developing PHP based projects.


Step 1:
Download the trial version of the Zend Editor from

Step 2:
Extract and install the bin file.After extracting it.

Step 3:
Type in any user name and try the following keys in the Zend studio


Thus u installed Zend Studio

Other PHP IDE are


Komodo Edit is a free text editor for dynamic programming languages introduced in January 2007. With the release of version 4.3, Komodo Edit is built on top of the Open Komodo project.

Komodo Edit inherits many features of Komodo IDE, like the full range of supported languages (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl) and platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows ). And like Komodo IDE, Komodo Edit also supports browser-side languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and XML.

It was developed for programmers who need a multi-language editor with broad functionality, but not the features of an IDE, like debugging, DOM viewer, interactive shells, and source code control integration.

Aptana Studio
Aptana Studio is an open source integrated development environment (IDE) for building Ajax web applications. It includes support for JavaScript, HTML, DOM, and CSS with code-completion, outlining, JavaScript debugging, error and warning notification and integrated documentation. Additional plugins allow Aptana Studio to be extended to support Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, Perl, Adobe AIR, Apple iPhone and Nokia WRT (Web Runtime).

Saturday, October 2, 2010


This is a collection of great themes for Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope.The installation is easy because can be done after adding a repository, so with sudo apt-get install theme-name you can have the theme installed.

Now i will show you the steps you have to follow to install the themes.

- For Ubuntu 10.04

Open terminal and and add the stable repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bisigi/ppa

- For other ubuntu releases ,open the source list :

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

add these 2 lines at the end of the sources.list:

For Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala :

deb karmic main

deb-src karmic main

For Ubuntu9.04 Jaunty jackalope :

deb jaunty main

deb-src jaunty main

after open the terminal and add the repository verification ke

gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-key 881574DE && gpg -a --export 881574DE | sudo apt-key add -


sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install bisigi-themes

1-Showtime for Gnome :

sudo apt-get install showtime-theme

2- Balanzan

sudo apt-get install balanzan-theme


sudo apt-get install infinity-theme

3-Wild shine

sudo apt-get install wild-shine-theme


sudo apt-get install exotic-theme

5- Tropical

sudo apt-get install tropical-theme

6-Bamboo Zen

sudo apt-get install bamboo-zen-theme

7- Ubuntu sunrise

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sunrise-theme

8- Aqua Dreams

sudo apt-get install aquadreams-theme

To remove thethemes you have to use the command :

sudo apt-get remove theme-name

9- Orange

Orange is A New theme from Bisigi blog,This theme is lightweigh one with just 2 Mo, and it is based on a beautifull wallpaper the umar123.

sudo apt-get install orange-theme

10- Ellanna

Ellana , is the latest theme that bring us the famous Bisigi project. This theme is a little bit special. First of all, it’s the first theme drawn for women. And it’s the first theme, which is a special command too.

sudo apt-get install ellanna-theme

11- Airlines :

sudo aptitude install airlines-theme


sudo aptitude install eco-theme

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exams are TAKEN by students not GIVEN

எப்பபாரு செல்போன்ல ஸ்.ம்.ஸ் அனுபறுதுதான் வேலை....ஒழுங்கா போய் படிக்கிற வேலை பாரு----Now a college in Bangalore implements exams through mobile and also maintains attendance of the students through mobile phone.

Even as schools and colleges across the country are against the use of mobile phones in classrooms, this college has come out with an out-of-the-box concept where students and teachers are allowed to use mobile phone.

Called as Interactive Platform On Mobile (IPOMO), the college provides handsets (a common model) to the students and teachers, where games and messaging options are disabled. Instructions are given to students and teachers on using the handset. After the respective tasks are done, the handsets are returned to the college.
Started as pilot project for BBM and BCA courses last year, it proved successful for the college prompting them to extend it to other courses too.

To conduct a test, a question paper is set for each subject. Four answer options will be given for each question. Students will have to enter the correct answer. At the end of the test, the students can revise the answers and then click on the submit option. Answers will be recorded in the server and the marks will be consolidated. However, for a three-hour test, 120 questions are given. Students can also do the calculation using the calculator provided in the handset.

As for attendance, if a student continuously absents for three days, then an SMS will go to the parents' number. As for attendance, the teacher will be given a password. Once the teacher enters the password, he/she will get courses—section—subject. After this series, names of the students are displayed. After the attendance is marked, that has to be in the first 15 minutes, data will be automatically entered in the server.

Great way to go......

Monday, August 30, 2010


Hi friends in this blog I have posted how to detect google Invisible friends.This is a software which can be run in any OS.U can download and sign in to find whether they are invisible or not.

You can sign in with your google account and use this software to find who is invisible.

Link to download

-----CLICK HERE-----OR
-----CLICK HERE-----OR
-----CLICK HERE-----

Monday, August 16, 2010

Top Ten Drupal Modules

Hi friends this post was taken in Drupal workshop for third year.I like to share this with you.
Before getting into this I like to say that all the information I took here are from various sites.The Description of all the modules are liable but not sure whether the no. of downloads of each module are correct,it may differ.




1.Administration menu—22910 downloads

Administration menu module it is useful for the beginners in Drupal.It provides a CSS-based menu at the top of your website.It contains not only regular menu items - local tasks are also included, giving you extremely fast access to any administrative resource and function your Drupal installation provides.

2.Content Construction Kit—19795 downloads

CCK is used for handling the contents of the Drupal site.For example there may be many admins and user for every site with different mode of access.This module helps in handling the content posted by different users at different point of time.
It shows:
1)The time of post.
2)The date last updated
3)The user who modified data.

3.FCKeditor—18576 downloads

This module allows Drupal to replace textarea fields with the FCKeditor - a visual HTML editor, sometimes called WYSIWYG editor. This HTML text editor brings many of the powerful WYSIWYG editing functions of known desktop editors like Word to the web. It's relatively lightweight and doesn't require any kind of installation on the client computer.

There is a demo for this editor you can go to this site for playing with this editor.

4.Views module—17747 downloads

The Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal site designers to control how lists and tables of content are presented.
This tool is essentially a smart query builder that, given enough information, can build the proper query, execute it, and display the results. It has four modes, plus a special mode, and provides an impressive amount of functionality from these modes.

5.PATHAUTO –11994 downloads

The Pathauto module automatically generates path aliases for various kinds of content (nodes, categories, users) without requiring the user to manually specify the path alias. This allows you to get aliases like /category/my-node-title.html instead of /node/123. The aliases are based upon a "pattern" system which the administrator can control

6.BACKUP AND MIGRATE--10671 downloads

Backup and Migrate simplifies the task of backing up and restoring your Drupal database or copying your database from one Drupal site to another. It supports gzip, bzip and zip compression as well as automatic scheduled backups.

7.TOKEN—10515 downloads

Tokens are small bits of text that can be placed into larger documents via simple placeholders, like %site-name or [user]. The Token module provides a central API for modules to use these tokens, and expose their own token values.

8.Lightbox2 –9928 downloads

The Lightbox2 module is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on most modern browsers.The module places images above your current page, not within. This frees you from the constraints of the layout, particularly column widths. It keeps users on the same page. Clicking to view an image and then having to click the back button to return to your site is bad for continuity

9.WEBFORM—9684 downloads

This module adds a webform nodetype to your Drupal site. Typical uses for Webform are questionnaires, contact or request/register forms, surveys, polls or a front end to issues tracking systems.
Submissions from a webform are saved in a database table and can optionally be mailed to a nominated e-mail address upon submission. Past submissions are viewable for users with the correct permissions.
Webform includes some simple statistical tools to help in form design and evaluation and also allows the whole table to be downloaded as a csv file for detailed statistical analysis.

10.CAPTCHA—9183 downloads

A CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test most often placed within web forms to determine whether the user is human. The purpose of CAPTCHA is to block form submissions by spambots, which are automated scripts that post spam content everywhere they can. The CAPTCHA module provides this feature to virtually any user facing web form on a Drupal site.

---CLICK HERE-----
You can download the pdf from the groups file option.

Ok these are the top ten modules of drupal.Thank you.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hello friends in this blog I am going to write about Python,its installation,its comparisons with other languages and some thing about VPython as well as SciPY.
If you want to download the e-book for python download it from either clicking the picture or clicking the link given below

I am not a well experienced in python but I just want to share stuffs which I learnt over intenet.
All the informations in this Blog are written after verifications.

Lets Go...


Python is the high-level programming language which concentrates more on its code readability.It uses indentation for block delimiters.Python is free and open source software.

sudo aptitude install python2.5
Windows XP:
python 2.6.4 for windows

Python gives more concentrations on the structure and the indentation of the code so we need to be careful with respect to the indentation of the code.


>>>if 1 + 1 == 2:
print "foo"
print "bar"
>>>if 1+2 == 3:
print "foo"
print "bar"

OUTPUT for the code is


consider this code

>>>if 1 + 1 == 2:
print "foo"
print "bar"
>>> if 1+2 == 3:
print "foo"
print "bar"


File "", line 4
if 1 + 2== 2:

Thus Python gives more importance to the readability for the code.Python uses whitespace indentation, rather than curly braces or keywords, to delimit blocks.An increase in indentation comes after certain statements; a decrease in indentation signifies the end of the current block.


Python is case sensitive.So the careful usage is important.


There are many statements supported by Python let me say some of them

* The if statement, which conditionally executes a block of code, along with else and elif (a contraction of else-if).

* The for statement, which iterates over an iterable object, capturing each element to a local variable for use by the attached block.

* The while statement, which executes a block of code as long as its condition is true.

* The try statement, which allows exceptions raised in its attached code block to be caught and handled by except clauses; it also ensures that clean-up code in a finally block will always be run regardless of how the block exits.

* The class statement, which executes a block of code and attaches its local namespace to a class, for use in object-oriented programming.

* The def statement, which defines a function or method.

* The with statement (from Python 2.6), which encloses a code block within a context manager (for example, acquiring a lock before the block of code is run, and releasing the lock afterwards).

* The pass statement, which serves as a NOP and can be used in place of a code block.

* The assert statement, used during debugging to check for conditions that ought to apply.

* The yield statement, which returns a value from a generator function.

* The print statement, which writes a value to an output stream

Functions usage:

Python uses def for defining a function it is much similar to that of the function keyword in c or c++


def add(a,b):
print c
def sub(a,b):
print d




Despite being dynamically typed, Python is strongly typed, forbidding operations that are not well-defined (for example, adding a number to a string) rather than silently attempting to make sense of them.



I don't have much knowledge on various languages so I found it in a site I share this with you

Java vs Python

1. interpreted vs. compiled is a big productivity win for Python
2. dynamic typing is a big productivity win for Python
3. Java is way faster than Python
4. minimal scaffolding is a big productivity win for Python. Makes programming more pleasant not to have to build all the infrastructure.
5. mostly first class functions a big win for Python.
6. built-in lists/arrays and hashes/dictionaries a big win over Java [] and library based collections. Java 5.0 fixes some of this but in Java collections still seem tacked on rather than integrated.
7. dynamic code loading in Python is a big win. Yes you can do it in Java but again, the cruft.
8. There is some weirdness in Python lexical scoping of names. The documentation for each has several warnings about edge cases where names don't bind in the expected way. This gives me a queasy feeling although in practice it may not matter. Another win for static type checking.
9. Java 'Comparable' interface ugly compared to Python built in comparison mechanisms that require only that a single function be implemented to get the full set of comparison operators. An example of excess Java scaffolding.
10. lack of multiline comments in Python was annoying

Fine in this you may or may not understand certain terms like DYNAMIC TYPING,SCAFFOLDING,dynamic code loading,multiline comments.If your comfortable with these terms you skip this else let me explain


It is nothing but we can declare a variable without any data type but the value has the data type. For example in Python,if you need a variable, you simply come up with a name and start using it as a variable.

sam = 5 or sam = "hello";

SCAFFOLDING : This is the meta-programming method of building databases.Usally used in frameworks like Django which uses Python.It is nothing but a simple command to create a CRUD application

dynamic code loading:Automatic loading of script.Used both in java as well as python but python is better than java.

multiline comments:We cannot comment more than one line in Python.

Python has a large standard library, commonly cited as one of Python's greatest strengths,providing pre-written tools suited to many tasks.But let me say some of the library used for SCIENTIFIC PURPOSES and also developing 3-D models.


NumPy is an extension to the Python programming language, adding support for large, multi-dimensional arrays and matrices, along with a large library of high-level mathematical functions to operate on these arrays.


x = linspace(0, 2*pi, 100)
y = sin(x)
plot(x, y)

SciPy is an open source library of algorithms and mathematical tools for the Python programming language.SciPy contains modules for optimization, linear algebra, integration, interpolation special functions, FFT, signal and image processing, ODE solvers and other tasks common in science and engineering. It has a similar audience to applications as MATLAB, GNU Octave, and Scilab.


VPython is the Python programming language plus a 3D graphics module called Visual. VPython allows users to create objects such as spheres and cones in 3D space and displays these objects in a window. Real-time, navigable 3D animations are generated as a side effect of computations. This makes it easy to create simple visualizations, allowing programmers to focus more on the computational aspect of their programs. The simplicity of VPython has made it a tool for the illustration of simple physics, especially in the educational environment.

from visual import * #import the visual module

rod = cylinder(pos=(0,2,1), axis=(5,0,0), radius=1)

We can learn more about Python by learning from e-books available over internet as well as from e-learning sites.

here are some:



------------CLICK HERE---------------

Thank you...

Thursday, July 29, 2010



Hi frnds...I think everyone will be busy in projects.In this blog I am going to write about the LATEX,tool used for Projects.I hope this may give you some good knowledge in preparing the documentation of your project using Latex.

LaTeX is a document markup language and document preparation system for the TeX typesetting program.It refers only to the language the document is written not the editors they are used.LaTeX is most widely used in academic purposes.

Of course their are other documenting systems and styles in industry but this one is used because of the high quality of typesetting achievable by TeX. The typesetting system offers programmable desktop publishing features and extensive facilities for automating most aspects of typesetting and desktop publishing, including numbering and cross-referencing, tables and figures, page layout and bibliographies.

Downloading Latex
For using Latex we can use Texmaker which is one of the open source tool...
you can download Texmaker from the following site

or from the link----------click here------------

U can download the package according to your operating system...,hope most of u will use UBUNTU so you can download .deb package.

Texmaker is also run in Windows,it is a cross platform.

the screeshot of the Texmaker:

This Texmaker is none other than simple editor but provides vaarious options like mathematical symbols,gives special colors to your coding and other functionalities.

I just gave you WHAT is Latex,WHAT it does,WHERE to download...But it is not really tough to you can start using it and learn to documenting your final year project with it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi this post I am going to write something about Resume writing for newbies and before that I am not a professional Resume writer or a experienced professional,the tips are from a PROFESSIONAL which I found over internet and I added a link to the Resume guide which is in pdf form.

DOWNLOAD LINK FOR RESUME GUIDE-----------click here-----------

If it doesn't work search in this website

This was said by Katheryn Rivas,

Resume Tips for College Students

"When you're in college, it can feel like the entire world is contained within the grounds of your campus. There's so much going on in your personal and academic life that it's easy to forget that, before long, you'll be dropped into the real world and forced to find gainful employment. When I was a college student, it wasn't until the end of my senior year that I really began focusing on the job hunt, and that's a bit too late to start, especially if you're unfamiliar with some of the tools you'll need after graduation. For instance, every student knows they'll need to put together a resume, but very few know how to go about it with any real clarity. With that in mind, here are a few things for undergrads to consider when it comes to building the resume that will take them into the workforce:

Start planning now

It's never too early to examine your present experiences through the lens of the future and consider how they'll look on a resume. There are a ton of college students who hit the job market with no experience to show but a couple summers clearing tables or tearing movie tickets. And while those experiences were fine in their time, you need to think about doing things that will provide opportunities down the road. Apply for internships in your field, and look for summer jobs that can teach you skills related to your major. When it comes time to graduate and look for a real job, you'll be able to present your potential employer with a resume demonstrating relevant experience in the market. Your resume is your lifeline and the best tool at your disposal when it comes to getting the attention of an employer. Make sure it counts.

Cut the double-talk

A lot of college students, wary of appearing inexperienced, trump up their accomplishments with puffy language. This is the job-hunt equivalent of using 13-point Arial typeface on a term paper with 1.5-inch margins: It's not fooling anyone. Don't say you were a "domestic distribution engineer" if you delivered the school newspaper. Be honest about your skills and experience; otherwise, you're just wasting your time. When a hiring manager wants to talk to you, they want to know about actual results and experiences, not stuff that's been dressed up to look better. The more honest you are, the better shot you have at connecting with an employer.

Just the facts

It's also a habit of college students to list things they think are relevant to the job search on their resume in order to make it appear more substantial. But you should only list things that are specifically related to your skills and the job field you're in. Employers know that fresh college graduates are going to have less experience than older workers, and that's fine. Don't try to make up for it by mentioning your place on the swim team. If you want to list skills or accolades, make them tailored to the job. For instance, if you're looking for work in the news media, mention your familiarity with the Associated Press stylebook and any editing or news production software you may have used. If you're a business student, highlight any internships with local companies or any honors you've received in the field. List your GPA (if you're proud of it), but stay away from nebulous topics like "relevant coursework." Your employer knows you took classes; they want you to go beyond that now.

That list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a great place to start. College is a wonderful time, but don't let that joy distract you from some simple techniques and preparations that will help you after you've walked the graduation stage."

I hope this will help you...and thank you reading.....bye...

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Get the Digital Ebook Reading experience !!

Martview reader was geared up to provide more options in reading interaction, which allows your magazine reading more easier, yet comfortable.
Clean layout with sleek design that is easy on the eye, added with crisp images that brings your reading pleasure on your own desktop to a whole new level.
Experience the convenience of reading on a computer like never before. With doubled up interactive features which allow you to Flip, slide, scroll, pinch, circle and many more gestures to keep you excited.
But make sure that you have a better RAM config for this application


Youtube Downloader
This is one of the freeware that one should have in their Desktop.It is simple and efficient.

Youtube Downloader HD is a free tool to download videos from YouTube and save it to your local computer. The videos can be converted to avi video format or to mp4 (compatible with iPod, iPhone).

The main distinguishing feature of Youtube Downloader HD is that now you can download High Quality videos, High Definition and Full HD videos from YouTube.


Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is the world's leading download manager, allows you to download up to 300% faster* with increased reliability, resume support and errors recovery.
This is the PORTABLE VERSION of DAP 8.7.05 which comes with support including chrome browser.
1.EXTRACT the package zipped folder
2.RUN the DAP.EXE file
3.NO installation required.


netmeter freeware

This freeware gives u the current upload and download speed of ur internet connection.
With enabling the option of showing the upload/download totals, u can get the total session downloads in MB or Kb range.

A useful freeware on the whole for those users who r not provided with Bandwidth meters provided by service providers..



Here is an interesting s/w that sketches whatever photo u load in it.there r pen,pencil modes were u can sketchout..
good,interesting freeware on the whole......


Thursday, April 1, 2010


HI I have done this ROR as IEEE paper and I used for my ENGLISH LAB for technical presentation I just share this with all of you...........


Ruby on Rails is often called as RoR or simply Rails. RoR developers are RAILS core team .It is a cross-platform programming language .It holds the MIT license. Ruby on Rails was extracted by David Heinemeier Hansson from his work on Basecamp a project management tool by 37 signals Heinemeier Hansson first released Rails as open source in July 2004.


Similar to other web frameworks RoR uses MVC, MODEL-VIEW-CONTROLLER for developing a web application. It also uses CONVENTION OVER CONFIGURATION,which is a software that reduces the decision that the developers need to take, it also provides the simplicity for web developers.

It effectively makes use of DRY code concepts in it programming techniques .
DON’T REPEAT YOURSELF means the information stored in a single place .and it can be retrieved whenever needed.

It popularised the scaffolding to all other frameworks such as ASP.NET,CAKEPHP,DJANGO etc..,SCAFFOLDING is the meta-programming which helps programmer to just specify how the database to be used, for example CREATE,DELETE,READ etc..,ROR uses a library called WEBrick which provides a HTTP web server .It developed by Masayoshi Takahashi and Yuuzou Gotou along with other developers in open source environment .It used in Ruby on Rails to check the programs during developing session .But it also supports other web servers such as Apache, Lighttpd, Abyss but it come along with WEBrick.It makes extensive use of Javascript and AJAX.Since version 2.0 it produces default output of HTML and XML formats.

MODEL-VIEW-CONTROLLER is used for developing a web application in RoR It is an architectural pattern used in deploying applications.The model is the domain-specific representation of the data upon which the application operates
It has three main parts:
View: It provides a model for interaction for the users; multiple users are allowed to view a single model.
Controller: It receives the input from the user and access the model objects.
Model: It is the place where the Model objects are placed.
The MVC is a combination of view-controller-model .Usually Controller get input from GET or POST typically used in FORMS from View. It decides what to access in the Model.


Convention over configuration is a software used to help the developer by reducing the decision that the developer takes during the program. It provides efficiency and simplicity for the developers.
A Web application is consist of many parts, and you can go crazy about all the parts. Configuration has taken over the web application frameworks so that even a simple task such as applying 'compulsory field' validation for that just requires one field entries in an XML file. We take one small example. You have a variable called video in a program, and you have a column called movies in a database table. The computer program fetches data from the movies table and this data stores in the video variable. The program displays the video on a Web page.


DON’T REPEAT YOURSELF shortly known as DRY code,it stores the information in a single place so programmer need not to repeat the code instead he can retrieve it effectively.
DRY principle is also referred to as "Once and Only Once," the DRY principle states that you should only need to express a particular piece of information once in a system. If you applied properly then reduces the duplication of tasks within a project. Duplication is usually unnecessary, especially in dynamic languages like Ruby. Duplication within a project, leads to difficulty in modification and maintenance and inconsistency.
One of the easiest ways to get a feel for metaprogramming is to look for repeated code. Repeated code can be factored into functions and redundant functions can often be factored through the use of meta programming.


We need web servers mainly used for sending files to our client as well we want to receive them back to us. RoR supports various web-servers such as WEBricks, APACHE, Lighttpd, ABYSS, though We Bricks comes along with the RUBY ON RAILS, during installation. WEBricks need not want any special configuration as it is in built. But on using any other web-servers we need to go for configuration.


First we need to install Ruby and irb (Interactive ruby shell) and we’ll add ri and rdoc. The recommended Ruby version for rails is 2.0
Open your terminal and type

sudo apt-get install ruby irb ri rdoc ruby1.8-dev2.2
Then we need to install RubyGems. We are going to install RubyGems with the following command
sudo apt-get install rubygems
Then we’ll update RubyGems with the following command
sudo gem update --systemNow
Now we will install rails with command
sudo gem install rails --include-dependencies
That’s it You have successfully installed Ruby on Rails.
Now we need to install MySQL
sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client

We need to make some of the libraries to go with RUBY
by just giving the following command

sudo apt-get install libmysql-ruby

We can use any text editor for our convince.
Similarly all the web browsers are supported. We can make use which suits our need.

WEB-SERVER, WEBrick is the built in web-server so no need to install it separately. But if we want to use APACHE we can use the command:

sudo apt-get install apache2 apache2-mpm-prefork apache2-prefork-dev

We can also install Lighttpd by

sudo apt-get install lighttpd libfcgi-ruby2

getting started

To start the Rails open the Terminal and type

$mkdir stites

This creates a directory to work with Rails.

$rails my_app

Type this inside the sites folder. This will create the rails applications.

To start the default WEBrick server just use following codes:

$cd /home/myuser/www/mynewapp

$ruby script/server

=> Booting WEBrick...

=> Rails 2.1.0 application started on

=> Ctrl-C to shutdown server; call with --help for options

[2008-07-28 04:39:17] INFO WEBrick 1.3.1

[2008-07-28 04:39:17] INFO ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24)

[2008-07-28 04:39:17] INFO WEBrick::HTTPServer#start: pid=6860 port=3000

This simply boots the WEBrick.

RAILS have an extension .rb.

how rails works

RAILS generally works as routes, generally it will be in the sequence


-here server, controller, action and id gets replaced and it will always be in the same consequence.

For example:


in this localhost is the server,say is the controller, action is the hello and id is the 50.

Just mentioning the server we get the server page


This page will be useful in working with ruby on rails and also confirms that ruby on rails is installed


As WEB 2.0 created the highly interactive web-applications, RAILS provides the broader and simple approach in creating more dynamic webpages by working along with AJAX, javascript

Rails have a simple, consistent model for how it implements Ajax operations. Once the browser has rendered and displayed the initial web page, different user actions cause it to display a new web page or trigger an Ajax operation:

A trigger action occurs. This could be the user clicking on a button or link, the user making changes to the data on a form or in a field, or just a periodic trigger (based on a timer).

Data associated with the trigger (a field or an entire form) is sent asynchronously to an action handler on the server via XMLHttpRequest.

The server-side action handler takes some action (that's why it is an action handler) based on the data, and returns an HTML fragment as its response.

The client-side JavaScript (created automatically by Rails) receives the HTML fragment and uses it to update a specified part of the current page's HTML, often the content of a


An Ajax request to the server can also return any arbitrary data The real beauty is how easy Rails makes it to implement all of this in your web application. Thus the RAILS works with the AJAX for WEB 2.0 environment.


Rails is been in used in various web sites but lets see some

of popular sites TWITTER, YELLOWPAGES, XING.


Twitter is a free social networking and micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Its framework is developed by RUBY ON RAILS. It is one of the highly interactive webpage in the WEB 2.0 era with various options such as SMS,PHONE SERVICE PROVIDER.


Yellow page is an Internet web site operated by YELLOWPAGES.COM LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T The Company has been recognized as one of the top sources of online advertisements.


XING is a social software platform for enabling a small-world network for professionals. It is used by people from over 200 countries. Available languages include English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Dutch, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Turkish and Hungarian.

Ruby on Rails is a fast emerging web framework that already created a big anticipation among the web developers and programmers.It gives more simple and efficient way of developing a dynamic web applications,as a engineers it is necessary to identify the functions and various options that the RoR provides.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hi here I am going to how install php&mysql using
Lets see how to install WAMP SERVER,it is used to install php&mysql in windows environment.
I am going to giving the steps in installing WAMP and use php,mysql and apache in windows environment.

  1. Goto website for free installation

  1. Click ENGLISH and click Wamp Server 2.0i-above is the screenshot
  2. You can download it your system
  3. Install by running the setupfile
  4. On installing u may be asked with email-id,just give your e-mail-id.
  5. You may be asked to type SMTP server name to send PHP mails so just type or leave it to default localhost
  6. Keep your antivirus program unblock the program.
  1. Click on the WAMP SERVER icon on your taskbar
  2. It has options like

  1. Now we are ready to code,but we need to make enable the warnings and certain types of errors to be displayed,so we need to do certain changes in .inc files
  2. Goto PHP by clicking wamp icon you find in shown in above image
  3. Select file.(dont mind it is online or not)
  4. You will have a text file opened in NOTEPAD

  • Notepad will be open like above img
  • Now just scroll down to Error handling and logging
  • You need to be carefull in handling this pag
  • Find a line "error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT"
  • Just add ";" before it,so it will be command line
  • Now type "error_reporting = E_ALL"
  • So we can see errors,warnings,notices when we work with PHP
So now we finished with PHP here we need to assign password for "MYSQL"

Select mysql and select MYSQL CONSOLE in it
  • You will see a console screen more like a command prompt here you will be asked with password.Just press enter
  • FOLLOW the steps mentioned down in the console screen
mysql>use mysql
Database changed
mysql>UPDATE user
->SET Password=PASSWORD<'*********'>
->WHERE user='root';
Query OK 1 row affected <0.00sec>

So we have updated our user so we can have access to mysql using our username="root" and our password="*******"
we can mention our own password
  • We can use text editors like
  • there are many text editors but here we are going to use KOMODO EDIT it is open source
  • We can just install by downloading it in
  • just download and install.