Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My name is Bond. Railway Bond !!

James Bond is ready to jump from a speeding motor bike to the roof of one train and kick the bad guys on another train. Indian railways have permitted James Bond and its crew to rock ‘n roll in the Indian Trains.

Few weeks ago the filmmakers have asked permission from the Indian railway ministry to shoot on the train. Indian railways came with two conditions one is that the sequence cannot show the passengers travelling on the roof of the train. Secondly, to add a punch line such as “Indian Railways is stronger than James Bond”. Filmmakers have scrapped the earlier plan of showing the trains packed with travelers on the roof.
Dinesh Trivedi, Indian Railway minister says,”One condition for allowing the shoot is that they cannot show India or Indian Railways in bad light and the assurances will have to be given to us in writing. The film will be viewed across the world and it will seem as if all trains here have people travelling on rooftops, which is not true. Also, travelling on the roof of a train is prohibited by law and that cannot be encouraged.”
The train mostly used will be Sabarmathi in Gujarat or Goa. James bond may jump from train to huge water body.
During 1940s and 60s passengers travelled on the roof of the train which is not the same now. It is known that Hollywood directors show the third world country in the bad light (Slumdog millionaire). Whatever, now it is confirmed that James bond is now Railway Bond.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why Human wear Clothes?

To survive in varying temperatures?. For an example there are places in the world were the summer is hot and winter is extremely cold. Then, there is next question comes, why do only human wear clothes not animals? There are many religious answers to these questions like “Because God said...”. But these answers will not be sufficient enough to complete the answer to the question.
There are many dimensions to answer these questions. Few of them are listed below.

Animals can’t make use of tools but humans have upper hand in this matter. Obviously it was easier for human to make clothes compare to other living creatures. But now-a-days crazy people force to wear clothes to their pets and you can watch monkeys use leaves to protect it from rain.
Human have less body hair compared to other mammals and we are warm-blooded animals so it is very important for us to maintain required body heat. So clothing gives us heat to keep us warm.
But most Scientist claims that Human started to wear dress to decorate them and it becomes a trend and fashion. In olden days human wear teeth, bones and even horns of dead animals to show them unique. Even today human wanted to show that he/she is unique.
Over the time the clothing reflected the standards of society status and modesty. For example in olden days, especially in India people belong to high society wear clothes to cover their upper body whereas other lower society will not allowed to wear clothing which covers their chest or upper part of the body. Gender also played a role in making different forms of clothes.
Scientist claims that people in olden days started to wear clothes to make them unique. This trend was continued even today in every culture and nation.